Mile 323 Report

February 13, 2021
by TiffanyBoothe

Saturday 12:30 PM
46° F
Calm/Light from the W
Tide Level:
8.9 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Playing in sand:
Activity Comments:
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Common murre
Fish & Invertebrates:
Kelp or Algae·Shells·Animal casings (e.g. crab, shrimp molt)·Wood pieces·Styrofoam
Lots of large logs coming in along with bull kelp. Quite a few larger moon jellies, crab shells, and a couple pyrosomes.
New Development:
Natural Changes:
  • Seaside Beach Mile 323
    Seaside Beach mile 323
    Latitude: 45.987324914867 Longitude: -123.932724770600
    February 13, 2021
  • Logs Rolling In
    Logs Rolling In
    Latitude: 45.987324914867 Longitude: -123.932724770600
    February 13, 2021
  • Pyrosome
    We had a few pyrosomes come ashore on the last series of King Tides but they looked like they had been dead a while before washing in. Today I saw two fresh ones.
    Latitude: 45.987324914867 Longitude: -123.932724770600
    February 13, 2021
  • Moon Jelly
    There were quite a few good sized moon jellies. Throughout the mile there were about 15 or so.
    Latitude: 45.987324914867 Longitude: -123.932724770600
    February 13, 2021
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January 8, 2020 - TiffanyBoothe
Very few people on the beach. A lot of fun invertibrates including sea gooseberries, red eyed medusa, and sea cherubs. 
  • Sea Cherub
  • Sea Goosberry
  • Tiny Velella velella
  • Tillamook Head
  • Velella velella
  • Red eyed medusa
  • Velella velella


November 26, 2017 - Volunteer Trainer
 Tiffany from Seaside Aquarium spotted quite a few of these deformed velella recently on the beach. definitely more than one....
  •   Tiffany from Seaside Aquarium spotted quite a few of these deformed velella recently on the beach. definitely more than one....


October 23, 2016 - TiffanyBoothe
What a wonderful morning on the beach.  Most significant find was the hitchhiking amphipods (Hyperia medusarium), all by their lonesome, on the beach. It was made even more interesting due to the...
September 15, 2016 - TiffanyBoothe
It was a beautiful morning.  Pretty mellow out on the beach, 31 people out walking, 2 playing in the water, and 2 flying kites.  The  driftline was full of mole crab molts mixed in with a little bit...


August 5, 2015 - TiffanyBoothe
250 people on the beach, due to Volleyball Weekend. Numerous gulls observed (82 Western, one Bonaparte's) and two beached birds. Gooseberries are abundant.
  • Among the 500 or so people on this mile of beach, you can still find areas of peace.
  • It's hard to tell from this photograph, but hundreds of temporary volleyball courts have been erected for this weekends tournament. At least 250 people are already playing on them.
  • Just as many people were playing along the shoreline as playing volleyball high up on the beach.
  • Fishing for surf perch, this was the only harvesting activity on the beach today.
  • Lot of gooseberries today.
  • Sea gooseberries grace the shore all along this mile.
  • Hard to tell if these amphipods are dead or are just molts.
  • Hard to tell if these are dead or just molts.
  • A trapdoor spider!  This is actually the second time I have found a trapdoor spider along this mile.  I do not know if it was still alive.  Though I took its picture, I wasn't willing to touch or poke it.
  • Trapdoor spider.
  • One Bonaparte's Gull working the swash zone.
  • The drift line was composed of mainly tubeworm casings.
  • An abandoned castle...


August 7, 2014 - TiffanyBoothe
A calm and quiet morning on Seaside beach, right before a large volleyball tournament which will bring hundreds to the beach. Surprisingly little trash; one towel, one plastic bag, and one beer...
  • Mile 323 looking south
  • Gulls rest on the beach
  • Gulls foraging along the shoreline.
  • Live sand dollar
  • One lone fisherman in the surf.
  • One small combjelly
  • Crab molt
  • Someone planted a tree (though it was already dead).
  • I am assuming the same person who planted the dead tree also perched this log, covered in pelagic gooseneck barnacles, upright.  Beach art.
  • A close up of pelagic gooseneck barnacles.
  • Family fun on Seaside beach.
  • The drift line was not too exciting this morning.  Consisted of feathers and tube worm casings.
  • Tiny live razor clam, destined to be gull food.
  • A very of mile 323 looking North
  • Hundreds of volleyball nets set up. Preparing for the "Wolds larges amateur beach volleyball tournament".
  • World's largest amateur beach volleyball tournament is about to begin.
July 22, 2014 - TiffanyBoothe
It was a beautiful morning. Lots of people were already out and about enjoying the beach. There was a small diatom bloom in the first quarter mile along with a small concentration of water jellies...
  • It was a beautiful day, most of the people were higher up on the beach and not depicted in this photograph.
  • One of five gulls foraging along the tide line.
  • There were not very many of these guys left by the high tide today.
  • There was a small concentration of water jellies in one small section of this mile.
  • One lonely sea nettle.
  • This photograph does not show it well, but there was a small diatom bloom in the same section where all the water jellies had washed in.
  • One of many sails left over from the recent mass stranding of Velella velella.  The sail was covered in diatoms.
  • This is a juvenile harbor porpoise. It was a male approximately four feet in length.
  • Though the porpoise had not been on the beach very long, a gathering of Black-and-White Sea Fleas (Chromopleustes oculatus)had already begun feeding aggressively on its skin.
May 8, 2014 - TiffanyBoothe
It was a little windy and rainy today on mile 323. Only three other people were on this stretch of beach, all walking their dogs. The high tide line to the south was littered with surf grass and sea...
  • Looking north from the middle of mile 323.
  • The high tide line was littered with small plastics.
  • The tide line was full of small plastics through out the whole mile.
  • A small flock of pelicans (about 20) were feeding just past the surf.
  • One adult bald eagle cruised by.
  • The high tide line to the south of mile 323 had quite a bit of surf grass and some sea palm.
  • One, slightly old, bull kelp.
  • A fairly large wad of rope/kelp was on the high tide line.  Too big for me to cart off the beach.
  • Mile 323 looking south.
May 1, 2014 - TiffanyBoothe
There was a large debris field which expanded two blocks in the middle of this mile. The debris field contained a plethora of opalescent squid eggs, crab shells bothe dungeness and red rock, sea...
  • Taken from the middle of mile 323 looking south.
  • Close up of the debris.
January 31, 2014 - TiffanyBoothe
Calm day on the beach. Tide was high and about 20 people were walking along the beach. One couple was picking up trash, which may be why I saw so little non-organic debris (two plastic bags and a...
  • View of the beach from 1-31-14
  • A small diatom bloom was occurring in the middle of mile 323 on 1-31-14
January 13, 2014 - TiffanyBoothe
The surf was still big but the wind had calmed down. Not many people around and about, 10 in total along this mile. What trash was on the beach was comprised of 1 bait bag, 1 bait box, 1 large zip...
  • The large surf which we had been experiencing the last few days brought in Sea Angels most of which were still alive.
  • This is what this stretch of the beach looked like on 1/13/2014
  • This small bird was too torn apart for me to be able to identify.
  • A wave brought this little guy almost right to me feet.  It does not look like the peanut worms I have seen in this area before.  This one is light pink/peach and almost see-through.
  • I am not very good with identifying birds yet, but I am pretty sure this was a fulmar.
  • Here is what the drift line looked like.  The tide was one its way out.
  • The run back was pretty intense because of the large surf.  The sanderlings were feeding aggressively following the waves in and out.


October 17, 2010 - kerihevner
Human Activities: About 35 people mostly walking alone or with dogs. Did see two people playing briefly in the surf despite the cold temperatures, and some were sitting up on the sand enjoying the...
June 21, 2010 - kerihevner
Human Activities: Happy First Day of Summer! Many people out with dogs and children flying kites, walking, or sitting in the sun that was just beginning to peak through the clouds. Several children...
March 23, 2010 - kerihevner
On a beautiful sunny day, the beach was full of people doing everything from sitting in the sun, to building sandcastles, to flying kites. A good number of dogs, many of them off-leash, playing or...


December 18, 2009 - kerihevner
Human Activities: When weather is warm, this stretch of beach is usually fairly active with people who are primarily walking, although kite flying is also popular. Lots of dogs tend to be playing...


September 15, 2007 - Auto_Trader
We had a great time! We scheduled our office trip the same weekend SOLV was doing their clean; met lots of people. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and it was a great morning for walking the...