Seminar on Scallops

June 5, 2020 - 1:00 PM
OIMB Spring Seminar Series

The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology’s Spring 2020 Seminar Series has moved online.  The public is welcome to sit in through Zoom at no cost.

On Friday, June 5, the series features a 1 p.m. talk from Sally Walker, a professor of paleontolgy at the University of Georgia, on “Scallop forensics in Antarctica.”

Dr. Walker is a specialist in fossil forensics (taphonomy and paleoecology).  She is most interested in how biological, physical and chemical factors affect the preservation of marine organisms in modern and fossil deposits (this includes dissolution of carbonate, effects of predation or ice scour on shell integrity, and the effects of encrusting and bioeroding organisms on preserving or destroying carbonate shells). One of her current projects involves the Antarctic Scallop, Adamussium colbecki, as an ecosystem engineer.

This is the final talk in the spring seminar seires. The seminars in this series are free, but are password protected.  For information, or to request the password, contact organizer Aaron Galloway, agallow3@uoregon.edu.  Be sure to allow 24 hours’ notice.

To connect, once you have your password:


Meeting ID: 178 063 625